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It’s not just Boys’ fun


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V.A. – It’s not just Boys’ fun DoCD

Wow! Das Manifest in Sachen Girl Punk! 46 Bands auf 2 CDs zeigen dir wie sehr Girls arschtreten können! Mit dabei: TILT, THE HEROINES, BAMBIX, TUULI, MUMMY THE PEEPSHOW, FABULOUS DISASTER, LULABELLES, SHE MALE TROUBLE, WALLRIDE, THE FLIPSIDES, GEE STRINGS,

NY REL-X, GIRLS ON TOP und viele mehr!


CD 1:

1.The Heroins - king of my dark heart

2.T-Bone - rosalie

3.The Rotten Apples - love career

4.Tilt - penny ante

5.The Gee Strings - cut cute cut

6.Titan Go King´s - high tension girl

7.Tuuli - rockstar boyfriend

8.The New York Rel-X - come & gone

9.The Camaros - right now i hate you

10.Sixty Stories - less of me

11.Phonodrive - up & way

12.The Boonaraaas - girl i hate the most

13.Motorbaby - stripped

14.Daddy Memphis & Nannys - under the mangotree

15.The Lulabelles - give me hi-five

16.Flamingo 50 - alyson

17.The Vageenas - don´t care

18.Hang On The Box - asshole, i´m not your baby

19.Loony Brain - armament industry

20.The Flipside - the best of times

21.Brand Violet - head

22.Huff Rally - trickery

23.Strange In Stereo

CD 2:

1.Fabulous Disaster - the next big joyride

2.Bang Sugar Bang - punk rock holiday

3.She-Male Trouble - ugly

4.Mummy The Peepshow - straglehold

5.Barbara Ann - domino

6.Girls On Top - mess

7.Poodle Explosion - get your row down

8.Bambix - it´s beer o´clock

9.Cham School - be your friend

10.The Hunchbacks - my car is so cool

11.Piss Ant - wasted

12.Curlee Wurlee -pestoonette

13.Kathy X - so far so bad

14.Nanny Goat - back off

15.Any Given Day - your so pretty

16.Die Parasiten - fieser traum

17.Yucca Spiders - darling virgo boy

18.White Trash Debutantes - part time celebrity

19.Gorgeous Dean - give myself away

20.The Hi Tops - stupid

21.Wallride - a fistful of songs

22.Choking Susan - salvation army

23.Crazeee - little child