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Most Exciting People Like You Acts On 2 DVD´s. Recorded Live During The Where The Bad Boys Tour 2004 THE BONES,DEMENTED ARE GO,DIE HUNNS,DAMMNATION.
Including Tons of Bonus Footage,Videoclips,Interviews And Specials.
DVD 1 Tracklist:
2.california demons
5.eating our enemies
6.lord of the flies
Die Hunns:
2.time has come today
4.wild sacrifice
6.hunns anthem
7.hate n'love
8.nuke hb
Demented Are Go:
1.intro - love seeps like a festering sore
2.sickness of truth
3.where you gonna go
4.destruction boy
5.holy hack jack
6.pervy in the park
The Bones:
1.screwed, blued and tattooed
2.pumpin' gas
4.home sweet hell, smoke and thunder roads
6.memphis' 77
DVD 2 Bonusmaterial [VideoClips]l:
1.Adam West - god's gift to women
2.American Heartbreak - postcards from hell
3.American Heartbreack - rotten apple
4.Deadline - last night
5.Die Hunns - hate'n'love
6.Mad Sin - all this & more
7.Raymen - home is where the heart is
8.Sunride - false independence
9.The Bones - dead end cruisin
10.The Bones - do you wanna
11.The Generators - documentary
12.The Generators - down in the city
13.The Revolvers - narrowminded but ain't got a clue
14.The Spook - fright night
15.Thug Murder - double fist
16.Venerea - back to the start